Adjectives to describe feelings and their prepositions (B1) – Quizlet.

Hi everyone! I wanted to share something with you: I’ve just created a list of the most common adjectives to describe feelings and emotions, together with their main prepositions. You can have access to this list here.

I have used a learning platform called Quizlet, a practical user-friendly (and free!) online site which provides free study tools for students, teachers, and learners of all ages, which is very useful for vocabulary reinforcement, and highly convenient as an exam preparation tool. I started using it as a student and now I am beginning to use it as a teacher.

Once you set up an account at Quizlet, both teachers and students can create their own lists of vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, etc… The lists are open to the public and anybody can see and study them, but lists can only be created by account holders. If you do not wish to create a new account, you can always log in with Facebook or Google+.

Lists can be found on the search engine, according to topic (for example: «phrasal verbs B2» or «collocations with make» or even in other languages «chinese vocabulary house«) .


Once you have access to your preferred study list,  you’ll notice that they are generally divided in three columns: term, definition and describing picture. On the right you can star the term as a favourite or even listen to its pronunciation (in American English).

There are 6 different study modes:

  • a) » Flashcards«: will show you the definition of the term for you to guess. Once you know the answer, you can «click to flip» the card, and check if you were right.
  • b) «Learn«: a definition will be given to you, you have to type the corresponding term on the line. If you write it incorrectly, don’t worry because Quizlet will give you the correct answer.
  • c) «Speller«: a dictation exercise, you type what you hear.
  • d) «Test«: a variety of different exercises to test your memory of the terms: true / false, multiple choice or matching questions.
  • e) «Scatter» and «Gravity» are two timed word games.

All of these different ways to study will keep track of your progress: once you have used any of the 6 study modes, you can check which terms were most missed (the ones you really need to study) and which ones you know and don’t need to go back to.

So here you go, yet again another useful way to keep on learning English. Well, you know, there is no excuse!

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