PET speaking part 3: tutorial and practice! 

Hi guys,

voicethread.jpgI have used Voicethread, a tool I recently heard about, to prepare a video tutorial to help you with PET picture description (Speaking part 3). I really hope you find it useful.

Click on the following link to have access to the video tutorial, and this other link for further practice. The good thing about Voicethread is that you can make your own comments on the presentation, so I invite you to record your description so that I can give you my impressions about it. The only thing you need to do is to click on the plus sign at the bottom of each picture and allow your PC to access your microphone. Once you are happy with your comment, you can record it and I can listen to it. Isn’t this a great tool?

Note for mobile users: if you are using a mobile device (not a PC) you will need to download the Voicethread app and register with them. Once you register, you can use it to create your own videos or presentations, so maybe you could give it a go!

As always, please do feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments. Don’t play it too hard on me, though! Bear in mind this is my first time in front of the speaker and I had a bit of «stage fright»! 😉

2 comentarios en “PET speaking part 3: tutorial and practice! 

  1. SabrinaS dijo:

    Hi teacher,
    That’s a good work! I was watching this video yesterday and I’m surprising about your skills with that programme. I would like to have that audio the day of exam, a headphone inside my ear, as a bodyguard, and can use your advices hahaha. Anyway, I have a powerful imagination, I watch a lot of movies…
    By the way, your page it’s cool too.
    Please, keep update your page because it’s useful for all of us.

    See you soon!

    PS: I’m thinking that I don’t have any mistakes in my text but… Sorry in that case!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    • Irene Jiménez dijo:

      Thank you Sabrina!! I’m so glad you find it useful! Just a shame you can’t have those headphones on the exam day… And talking about your writing: it’s not that bad, but I’ll give you some advice next day in class. See you! 😄

      Me gusta

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