Preparing for FCE Speaking Test (B2)

Hi everyone! First of all, happy New Year to all of you, it’s been a long time since I last created any posts, but you know, working as an English teacher can get really hectic and allow too little time for reflection… So, I have availed this holiday time to update some of my materials and create new ones, which I’d like to share with you.

Last year I created a Speaking dossier for my B1 students and now I have adapted it to B2 Cambridge First Certificate. It is a nine-page PDF document which is intended to present an overview of the oral exam as well as some tools and useful language to help prepare all the parts of the speaking test. You can download the B2 dossier here.

Preparing well for the FCE, for any exam really, requires a lot of determination and practice. Putting your name down for prep lessons is always a good idea, since you can thoroughly study the language and skills you’ll need to nail your test.

Apart from attending lessons, there is a myriad of online materials that you can easily access by googling «Speaking FCE» or «Speaking B2 part 2», etc. You can then click on google images, videos…, depending on what you’re looking for. Remember that if you have a look at some possible questions you’ll be asked on the day, you’ll be able to prepare some vocab and structures in advance.

Here are some examples of searches you can do:

It’s also advisable to watch this video on Youtube with a real speaking test, posted by Cambridge English, or this video from BBC English with some tips for the test.

And remember…practice makes perfect concept

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