Hi! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Irene, I am a language lover, devoted to teaching English as a freelance trainer while using the remainders of my energy to learn Chinese, Russian and German, all at the same time…

I come from Alicante, a sunny, bright city on the southern coast of Spain, where I have lived for most part of my life, although I also worked and studied in the UK when I was slightly younger 😉

foto uniFrom the early age of seven, my parents registered me for English lessons completely against my will. I wasn’t aware just then how this amazing language would quietly and gradually become an essential part of my existence. Since then, my personal life and my career have been somehow linked to continuous language learning. At university, I did English as well as two years of translation studies, and dreamt of becoming an interpreter one day.

I started teaching languages when I was 18, just to earn some pocket money that would pay my summer immersions in the UK. I used to teach Spanish, English, Latin and Valencian! Yes, I was already a language freak at that age! Then, at 25, while I was working as a Spanish language teacher in Essex, a whim of fate got me a contract in the banking business, where I ended up holding different positions of responsibility in the international department. This adventure lasted 16 long years, and in its final stages didn’t make me very happy. So I decided to be brave and took a landmark decision: quitting a stable secure job that didn’t satisfy me to lead a passionate life involved with languages. I went back both to learning and teaching. Now I can proudly say that I love what I do. I enjoy every minute of my learning and teaching, and especially savour my adult students’ progress and enthusiasm. Wouldn’t change it for the world!

And why this blog? In my teaching career I have been using the internet extensively: articles and lesson plans from other teachers’ blogs, ideas for vocabulary, videos for pronunciation, etc. I have needed help both when I’ve been teaching English and learning Russian or Chinese. And when I used these resources I felt that I could also contribute to this whole wiki world of sharing, cooperating and working together. It’s also a platform where I can express myself, my interests and ideas, the things I learn, as well as keep in touch with my students and other fellow teachers.

So, here you have, a little bit of my heart and mind open to you, Brave Teacher or Brave Student. I wholeheartedly hope you will find my ideas useful, and when you don’t, please do tell! Mistakes are proof that we are trying, and they help us learn.

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