Boost your listening skills with these websites!

Hello, brave people! How are you coping with the weather and these crazy temperatures? Today is very windy where I am and I just don’t feel like going out at all, so I thought I could share some ideas with you, since it’s been quite long since my last post.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about this past school year and my students’ worries about their listening performance, so I’m going to take this opportunity to share some websites that I have used and recommended extensively. Here we go:

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Preparing for FCE Speaking Test (B2)

Hi everyone! First of all, happy New Year to all of you, it’s been a long time since I last created any posts, but you know, working as an English teacher can get really hectic and allow too little time for reflection… So, I have availed this holiday time to update some of my materials and create new ones, which I’d like to share with you. Seguir leyendo

Adjectives to describe feelings and their prepositions (B1) – Quizlet.

Hi everyone! I wanted to share something with you: I’ve just created a list of the most common adjectives to describe feelings and emotions, together with their main prepositions. You can have access to this list here.

I have used a learning platform called Quizlet, a practical user-friendly (and free!) online site which provides free study tools for students, teachers, and learners of all ages, which is very useful for vocabulary reinforcement, and highly convenient as an exam preparation tool. I started using it as a student and now I am beginning to use it as a teacher.

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